Teaching Experiences

At Curtin University Malaysia (2009 – 2021):

Process Instrumentation and Control (including the use of MATLAB/Simulink and Control Station’s LoopPro Trainer)
Chemical Plant Design Project (including the use of Aspen Hysis/Plus and SuperPro Designer)
Process Safety and Risk Management
Chemical Engineering Research Projects (including the use of MATLAB/Simulink, Phyton, Design-Expert and Aspen Hysis/Plus)
Process Principles (Mass and Energy Balances)
Process Modelling and Simulation (including the use of MATLAB/Simulink)
Process Analysis (Statistics for Chemical Engineers)
Process Mass Transfer
Process Heat Transfer
Chemical Engineering Laboratory
Transport Phenomena
Process Plant Engineering

At University of Hyogo, Japan (2014):

Engineering English

At Curtin University Australia (2005 – 2008):

Process Plant Engineering
Process Instrumentation and Control
Advanced Process Control

At National Institute of Technology (ITENAS) Bandung, Indonesia (2003 – 2004):

Chemical Engineering Mathematics
Transport Phenomena
Chemical Process Computation (including the use of BASIC, Fortran and PASCAL)

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