Research Grants

1. Green Building Overall Performance Assessment based on Multivariate Data Analysis of Energy Consumption, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Occupant Satisfaction: A Case Study on Sarawak Energy’s Miri Regional Office (Project Leader – Funded by Sarawak Energy Berhad 2022 – 2024, MYR188,600).

2. A Rapid, Reliable and Cost-Effective System to Detect Authenticity and Geographical Origin of Ground Black Pepper: Technology Development and Prototyping (Project Leader – Funded by Curtin Malaysia Research Institute (CMRI) 2021 – 2022, MYR200,000).

3. Mechanistic Modeling of Hybrid Microwave and Ultrasound Assisted Pharmaceutical Crystallisation with and without Addition of Anti-solvent (Project Leader – Funded by Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) 2020 – 2023, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, MYR95,100).

4. A New Approach to Fundamental Modelling of Sludge Dewatering under Low Pressure Condition (Co-investigator – Funded by   Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) 2020 – 2023, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, MYR110,012).

5. Development of a Rapid, Reliable and Cost-Effective Product Quality Estimation of Sago (Metroxylon sagu) based on Hyperspectral Images (Project Leader – Funded by Sarawak Research Development Council (SRDC) 2020 – 2023, MYR180,000).

6. Development of a Rapid and Cost-Effective Detector and Estimator of Adulterants in Ground Black Pepper using Spatial and Spectral Image Analysis (Project Leader – Funded by Sarawak Digital Economic Corporation (SDEC) 2018 – 2020, MYR100,000).

7. Microwave Kiln for Beads Production (Co-investigator – Funded by Public-Private Research Network (PPRN), Ministry of Education, Malaysia, MYR31,200; 2018 – 2019).

8. Process design, control and optimisation of low-cost post-combustion CO2 capture system (Project Leader – Funded by Curtin Sarawak Research Institute (CSRI) Academic Grant, MYR100,000, 2015 – 2018).

9. Microwave irradiation based physical method to manipulate the surface tension of nanofluids (Project Leader – Funded by Hyogo Overseas Research Network (HORN), Japan, ¥473,630, 2015).

10. Formulation of a robust, non-Gaussian algorithm used to develop adaptive soft sensors for sensing various states in industrial processing plants (Project Leader – Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) Round 2 2014 (2015 – 2018) – Funded by Ministry of Education, Malaysia, MYR82,000).

11. Process Modelling and Optimization of Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) from Oil-Palm for Development of High-Quality Organic Compost (Co-investigator – Funded by Celtex Resources Sdn Bhd Grant 2012 – 2014, MYR220,000).

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